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Cultural Engagement Strategy & Branding

In our lives there is a need for reflection, growth and hopefully, transformation. The phrase, if I knew then, what I know now, is simply an observation of what you knownow, for sure.  My intuition is telling me that my desire to learn from my peers and teachers can be a moment to connect several different types of women, emerging and established; near and far. 

SHE KNOWS NOW, is a digital collection of confident, driven women who share insight on what they each know for sure.  Featured women include: Lisa Price, Karlie Hustle, Lorine Pendelton, Kelli Coleman, Chaka Pilgrim, Dominique Sharpton, and more  who share soundbites on topics such as, Gut Instincts, Time, Confidence, Impulse Decisions, Networking, Being Present, Anger, etc providing inspiration, positivity and community.   

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 Gild Creative Group produced the first-ever Editor’s Pick Appreciation Dinner in New York City honoring the journalistic contribution of editors and senior writers from publications like, Huffington Post, Essence, The Stashed, Rolling Stone, Vibe, Complex, Rap Radar and more. 

 The event was made possible thanks to the sponsorship and  hospitality of Gran Morsi, Hennessy and Akoo.

Inspired by Napoleon Hill's Think & Grow Richthis quarterly invite-only event will forge new relationships, ideas and the mastery of business goals. 


 " A mastermind alliance involves two or more people who work in perfect harmony for the attainment of a definite purpose."